Formula Opensoft Products


The tcVISION solution

tcVISION automatically identifies the changes applied to mainframe databases and files. No programming effort is necessary to obtain the changed data.
tcVISION continuously propagates the changed data to the target systems in realtime or can perform the process in time intervals.
tcVISION offers a rich set of processing  and controlling mechanisms to guarantee a data exchange implementation that is fully auditable.
tcVISION contains powerful bulk processors that perform the initial load of mass data or the cyclic exchange of larger data volumes efficient, fast and reliable.

tcVISION Highlights

Focusing on change data results in cost savings in all areas:
The time window necessary to implement and execute the exchange processes of mainframe data will be drastically reduced.
The data replication  and synchronization process needs fewer resources.
Concentrating on change data only will ensure that only the relevant data is being moved, resulting in fewer resources for the actual transfer and the data transformation.
Realtime data replication will immediately free-up resources that are normally being required in the batch windows. tcVISION automatically detects changed data with no need for programming efforts. Data exchange processes can be implemented in shorter period of time with less manpower.  

With tcACCESS and tcVISION B.O.S provides the total solution for complete mainframe integration:
Replication of mass mainframe data (Bulk Extract and BulkData Propagation, File Compare)
Change Data Capture in realtime on a transaction level Transparent Data Propagation of the changed data into different target systems.
Direct access using SQL to production mainframe data (DB2, VSAM, IMS/DB, , Adabas, CA-Datacom/DB, CA-IDMS/DB, etc.) from Client-/Server  and Web applications using ODBC, JDBC or API
Direct access to data of Open System platforms from mainframe programs