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Confio (now Solarwinds)

The leading innovator of software designed for expert DBAs and SQL application developers.

Confio’s mission is to offer breakthrough performance tools, helping customers reduce operating costs, and improve performance and availability of business applications.

Confio products

IgniteFree | Performance & Tuning

IgniteFree is the free tool that shows performance bottlenecks where no other tools can find them - deep inside your Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 or Sybase instance.

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IgniteVM | DBA Tool
Ignite for DB2 | Performance & Tuning
Ignite for SQL Server | Performance & Tuning

Ignite for SQL Server allows DBAs to leverage Wait-Time analysis, a best-practice method widely used for optimizing Oracle database performance, for environments that include SQL Server as well. Ignite for SQL Server provides a common repository for capturing both types of data, a single desktop client for reporting, and monitors any application that is dependent on SQL or Oracle.

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Ignite for Oracle | Performance & Tuning