Formula Opensoft Products

SEA Manager

Process Module.

Proc Module produces maps concerning processes property of IT systems, obtaining the necessary information to the direct analysis (As is) of applications and data. The use of the product supports analysts in the work of comprehension and improvement of processes, co-operating them in the analysis of change effects, at processes and an IT side.

Migration Module.

Key Features:

  • SEA is independent from any logics of data distribution (parsing) and it manages relations among data independently, remaining free from relational database patterns: the repository is organized according to an Object Oriented Logic and it does not take up any additional space, compared to the actual sizes of the apps we are dealing with.
  • SEA is able to support the assessment phase of the app through the in-depth analysis of the code
  • SEA signals the inconsistency of the code, analyzing the differences of further incremental imports, and it provides documentary evidence of the application to be migrated, supporting the test case in the trial phase
  • SEA realizes migration using proprietary templates or suggested by the user
  • SEA applies the migration rules even for a single statement and, against the migration among apps, it guarantees the consistency among all the features of the source platform with the target one (functional keys and/or their combinations)
  • SEA is able to change the operative paradigm of the app from the conversational to the web surfing aspect without suspending any session