Formula Opensoft Products

Schema Plus

Schema Plus creates a rich and powerful environment for the creation and deployment of
CA-IDMS® database diagrams and information. Available in both a 32-bit and 64-bit edition and written in high-performance C++, the Schema Plus programs allows you to create database diagrams, help files, and HTML files, for deployment throughout your organization.

Database design and maintenance, program development, and conversion planning activities are all enhanced with this unique and powerful tool. Schema Plus is designed exclusively for CA-IDMS/R®.

Schema Plus consists of two PC-based programs:
DB Draw is used by the DBA or database diagram staff. It creates database diagrams, help files and HTML files.
DB View is deployed onto a LAN or stand-alone PC, and views database diagrams and help files that the DBA has created. It can be copied freely.

  • Create diagrams by simply dragging and dropping record from a list onto a bitmap “canvas”. Sets are automatically connected and all Bachman information is displayed.

  • Modify record positions, set lines and set text on diagrams with simple drag-and-drop. No typing is required.

  • Print diagrams directly or copy to the clipboard for pasting into other programs.

  • Create diagrams as “diagram sets”, with one diagram set per schema and any number of diagrams in the set.

  • Modify colors of various Bachman objects – such as record boxes, text or arrows – to create a visually pleasing effect.

For Help files and HTML files, SCHEMA PLUS will:

  • Generate a Windows Help file containing areas, records and sets, with links between all entities.
  • Generate an HTML file identical to the Help file. The HTML is compatible with all versions of Explorer or Navigator.
  • Optionally add physical space information or program and work record information to Help/HTML files.