Formula Opensoft Products

Knowledge Sharing Portal

Key Features.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Impact Analysis
  • Impact Assessment Cobol 5
  • KPS integrates pre-existing information in other ERP/Systems of the Company.
  • KPS facilitates the sharing of data and information, using innovative tools of research of information
  • KPS loads its own DB with information extracted from SW Applications (thanks to the S.E.A software)
  • KPS provides reports of strategic information for other Systems of the Company: Quality Software Measurement


  • Accelerating learning processes
  • Creating Knowledge
  • Identifying and sharing Best Practices
  • Analyzing and identifying problem causes
  • Experimenting new ideas and approaches to solve problems
  • Coding new experiences
  • Increase and Improvement of:
    • reliability of estimates of impacts and costs
    • the software Quality
    • the service level obtained thanks to the reduction of the time necessary for releasing changes and thanks to their low defectiveness’
    • efficiency and productivity, either in the Project phases or in the management phases