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Ignite for Oracle

Ignite for Oracle Differences:

  • Agentless operation – No installed software or heavy process on production server means lightest load for monitored systems
  • Rapid, simple install – Get Ignite for Oracle running and be gathering data in 30 minutes.
  • Deep visibility – Ignite for Oracle exposes over 900 separate Oracle wait events, isolating each one to a specific SQL statement. No other tool provides this level of detailed wait event analysis. The result is an exact identification of where the problem lies and what needs to be resolved to have highest performance impact.

Wait Time Analysis

Ignite for Oracle uses industry best-practice Wait-Time analysis to manage application performance for database users, not just Oracle system operation. Wait-Time analysis measures the time spent waiting on each Oracle resource, illuminating where the database is causing SQL statements to wait. By isolating and eliminating these bottlenecks, SQL statements are processed and results delivered faster by the database.

Confio’s Resource Mapping Methodology describes in detail the principles in use for our Wait-Time analysis. If a tool cannot meet the key requirements of Resource Mapping Methodology, it cannot always show all of the bottlenecks and identify resolution. Get more information on Resource Mapping Methodology.

Continuous Monitoring

Unlike tools that take a snapshot of a single session at one point in time, Ignite for Oracle shows all sessions all of the time. Ignite monitors up to 80 databases from a single Repository on 24/7 basis. Then whenever a problem is reported, DBAs can investigate exactly what bottleneck occurred without having to re-create the problem. With full continuous visibility of all databases, DBAs can show trend reports spanning weeks, months or years to conclusively demonstrate performance changes, improvements and impacts of new applications.

Proactive Management

Ignite for Oracle enables proactive performance management to give DBAs advance notice of database application problems. Alerts in Ignite monitor for build-ups of Wait Time in critical processes and notify selected groups when thresholds are exceeded.

For advanced DBAs, custom alerts can be created to monitor specific business processes and watch for customized database conditions. Unique to Ignite, custom alerts allow DBAs to create advance notification on any condition which can be checked via SQL query. See a sampling of custom alerts for conditions like Shared Pool Size and Number of Active Sessions.

Don’t wait. And don’t make your users wait on their applications. Download a trial version of Ignite for Oracle now. In 30 minutes, you can be monitoring your database and solving real problems in your Oracle environment.

Supported environments

  • Oracle versions 8, 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g 

Download/view the Confio Ignite for Oracle datasheet