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ActiveKnowledge is a powerful and easy-to-deploy Database Network Router software that identifies in real-time problematic database requests on-their-way to the databases, analyzing and correcting them automatically.

ActiveKnowledge Results
Improved response time of statements by a magnitude of 5-10 times
Increased database capacity, support more data/users from existing resources
Improved visibility to applications and database objects usage patterns using detailed audit trail
Reduced software licensing and maintenance costs

How does ActiveBase accomplish these results?
Identify - ActiveKnowledge automatically identifies long running queries, problematic requests and reports. It provides a full audit trail on all SQL statements and database explain plan operations used.

Tune - ActiveBase SQL expert tunes problematic SQL statements by adding database 'Hints', identifying best execution alternatives 
Apply - ActiveKnowledge automatically intercepts and corrects problematic SQL statements in real-time, on-their-way to the databases, using database 'Hints', rewrites and enforcing performance optimization policies. ActiveKnowledge applies SQL optimization policies without intrusively recoding applications or manually rewriting ad-hoc queries and business reports.