What's New at Solarwinds

Orion Platform 2019.4

In the 2019.4 Orion release Solarwinds introduced Deployment flexibility: Run Orion® Platform and database on-premises or in the cloud with an Azure VM and SQL Database Managed Instance. Additional updates include new features such as native integration of SolarWinds Service Desk, Orion Maps enhancements, and the option to replace Syslogs and Traps with the Log Viewer for Orion.

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 2019.4

In this release, DPA increases its support of cloud-based database workloads to include Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance (ASMI), including both hosted SQL Server and database as a service (DaaS). We are also adding two key automation features to DPA. One is the drag-and-drop email alert customization and the second is the expanded application API that gives customers the power to include DPA in various automation processes they may have implemented. Lastly, DPA expands upon its best-in-breed tuning features to include expert table tuning advice.