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B.O.S. Software GmbH

B.O.S. Software GmbH is a leading vendor in the area of cross platform data and process integration that involves an IBM mainframe, MS-Windows, UNIX/LINUX systems and the Internet. Well known, international corporations of different industry sectors and large institutions of the public sector are customers of B.O.S.

The objective of the Integration Solutions of B.O.S. is the realization of a "Real Time Enterprise" into heterogeneous IT architecture by conveniently integrating an IBM mainframe system. This is an indispensable requirement if enterprise wide information must be provided to IT users in realtime and across platforms.

Starting in 1986, B.O.S. has always been successful in developing, marketing and supporting of their IT solutions. The product offering of B.O.S. specializes in certain areas and has become the base for significant expertise that has been shared amongst the international users. The customers of B.O.S. appreciate the high quality of the products, the excellent customer service and the extraordinary competence of the B.O.S. team. More than a thousand corporations are successfully using the B.O.S. solutions in day to day practice.

As an independent company B.O.S. can solely concentrate all activities to meet the needs of the customers. The company's strategy is based upon a highly motivated, success oriented team that features high flexibility and has a positive attitude to cope with innovative and state of the art technologies. The ongoing dialog with the customers guarantees a future development of all B.O.S. solutions that will meet market requirements and will stay in line with future technological innovations. 

Together with the international partners B.O.S. provides a worldwide network of services to existing and potential customers. The mixture of experience, skills and perspective visions makes B.O.S. a reliable partner for the implementation of a successful and future oriented IT strategy.

B.O.S. Software GmbH products

tcVISION | Mainframe integration

tcVISION is the innovative software solution to process changed data in realtime, in intervals or event based.

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tcACCESS | Mainframe integration